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piano 507

ext.night -david cunningham

the yard outside in brixton -discography

the sound of the yard outside my old studio in brixton appears on a number of records and CDs.
although at first sight this appears to be a bizarre exercise in some stamp-collector's variant of discography, I think a space other than the convention of the recording studio lends individuality and creates possiblities with the recording situation.
the studio and surrounding buildings have been demolished but the yard lives on within the following and quite a few more:

giles, muir, cunningham -ghost dance -piano 502 1996
peter gordon and david cunningham -the yellow box -piano 504 1996
this heat -deceit -rough trade 1981
this heat -repeat -these 1993
the flying lizards top ten -statik LP20, 1984

See also Mike Barnes' article on Cold Storage – The Wire magazine August 2005 

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ext.night -piano 507
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