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Links to music sites:
Staubgold new releases from David Cunningham and other related music
The Flying Lizards 'unofficial' website

Cafe Oto regular adventures
Peter Gordon biographical info
David Toop blog
Mieko Shimizu home page
Steve Beresford  further information
Steve Beresford  'The Bath of Surprise' piano 003 CD re-release
Sateto  Yasuaki Shimizu site
Simon Bookish home page
Gavin Bryars home page
Heidi Happy home page

Sid Smith's Postcards from the Yellow Room Whitley Bay's open ear on the world, now with pictures
Sprawl cutting edge live electronica
DGMLive earlier work of Michael Giles and Jamie Muir and much else

Miniatures 2  Morgan Fisher's compilation of tiny masterpieces - and other Morgan info
Douglas Benford  blog, events and more from one of the originators of Sprawl
Michael Nyman
  musician site
Virginia Astley  musician site

The Wire  not the TV series
Unknown Public  Unknown Public CD journal, publications and live events
Resonance FM  104.4 fm in London
Voiceprint  Distribution  sales and distribution for piano and a lot of other stuff website Tools

older links (may not be up to date):

Glenn Branca  Official site

John Cage  site based around Cage's books
Cornelius Cardew

The Deep Listening® Catalog

Fred Frith  home page

Jon Hassell  home page

Tetsuo Kogawa  his work with radio transmitters

Annea Lockwood The Deep Listening® Catalog
Annea Lockwood  biographical info
Alvin Lucier  biographical info
Alvin Lucier  interview with Michael Parsons
AlvinLucier  The Deep Listening® Catalog
Alvin Lucier   Reference Page

Microtonal Music

Pauline Oliveros The Deep Listening® Catalog
Yoko Ono

Larry Polansky  home page

Rafael Toral  Portugese performer, artist, composer
BarryTruax  biographical info
Barry Truax  interview

Terry Riley  Official site

Ryuichi Sakamoto  Official site
Yasuaki Shimizu  Official site
Harry Smith   ethnomusicologist and film-maker
Sprawl cutting edge live electronia
Joerg Stelkens  software designer and curator of T-U-B-E, Munich

Maureen Tucker

World Soundscape Project

LaMonte Young  Mela Foundation
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