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Links to organisations and other related sites:

AMC - Australian Music Centre
- architecture and acoustics

Arts Council of England
Australia Ad Lib
   eccentric guide to Australian music

BALTIC The Centre for Contemporary Art
BCMD - Belgian Centre of Music Documentain
Walter Benjamin   site containing translations, essays and links relating to the critical theory of Benjamin
BMIC - British Music Information Centre, database for UK based composers
British Artists' Film & Video Study Collection  archive curated by David Curtis
British Arts Festivals Association
British Composers Index  Contact base for composers associated with Cornelius Cardew Composition Prize  Burning Shed manufacture and distribute elegantly packaged CDRs of esoteric releases
Bust  postfeminist or maybe ironic, lower on politics than it used to be

Canadian Music Centre - Canadian music information centre
CDMC - French music information centre: Centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaine
Center for New Music and Audio Technology
Research, teaching, performance and recording studios connected to Berkley University in California
Critical Art Ensemble  Artist collective exploring intersections between art, technology, radical politics and critical theory
Contemporary Music Centre Ireland - Documents and promotes contemporary Irish concert music

dbusters Magazine  Culture jamming and anti-corporatism
Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum - German music information centre
Disinformation  Canadian alt.culture magazine
Museikgroep Nederland - Dutch new music organisation

Thomas Edison  The man behind the phonograph. Site includes priceless recordings from the late 1800s through to the mid 1900
Eesti Muusika Infokeskus - Estonian music information centre
Electro Acoustic Ensemble - EAE perform and create music, son et lumières, educational workshops, sound installations, film scores and new media forms
European Free Music Site  Jazz and Improv musicians, plus relevant labels and live listings
Exploding Cinema  lo-fi film, projection and events in UK, still seem to be going after all these years
EMF- US based electronic music foundation

FAT (Fashion, Architecture, Taste)  Cross-disciplinary architectural company not averse to placing public sound installations
FiMIC - Finnish Music Information Centre
Fondazione Pistoletto - Michaelangelo Pistoletto's Cittadellarte project
Frogpeak  Composer's collective

Gamelan Sekar Jaya  Balinese Gamelan organisation based in California
Gramophone - classical music magazine
Hudební Informacní Stredisko - Czech music information centre

ICC Gallery, Tokyo
Improvised Music From Japan  Contact point and links page to Japan's vibrant underground Improv scene
International Library of African Music  Set up by musicographer Hugh Tracey, ILAM holds a huge resource of historical and current documents on the continent's indigenous musics
Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt - International Institute of Music in Darmstadt / Germany
IRCAM - Paris based electroacoustic music centre  Loose affiliate of Net-centric artists and groups; link to various projects via this URL

Lithuania MIC - Lithuanan Music Information and Publishing Centre
LGNM - Luxembourg Society of Contemporary Music
Locus +    curators of major contemporary art installations and events in North East England
London Musicians' Collective   London Musicians' Collective, sadly dumped by the Arts Council but the unique archive still seems to be online
Lovely Music  20th century music label, now includes 21st century

Marion Boyars  UK publisher
The MCPS-PRS Alliance UK composer copyright administration
MIT Media Lab  Projects and people at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIC - Croatian music information centre / Zagreb concert management
MICA- Music Information Centre Austria
Music Centre Slovakia - Slovakian music information centre
Musicians' Union   British musicians trade union

Arts & Cultures - University of Newcastle

New Music Box - Web magazine from the American Music Centre
Norsk Musikkinformasjon - Norwegian music information centre

Octavo  Publishing house using digital technology to reproduce ancient books and make them accessible on electronic media

Shambhala Publications  publishers of esoterica, alternative history, hippie stuff, art and global culture
SMIC - Scottish Music Information Centre
SOUNZ - Centre for New Zealand Music
STIM / Svensk Music - Swedish music information centre
Surdhwani  Indian classical music and dance, based in the West Midlands

Tamizdat  information and ideas from Central and Eastern Europe
Thomas Pynchon  bibliography, essays and stuff for Pynchon obsessives
T-U-B-E, Munich  Unique gallery for radiophonic art, installations and audio performances in Munich, curated by Joerg Stelkens

Unicamp - Brazilian contemporary music information centre
Unknown Public  Unknown Public CD journal, publications and live events

Voiceprint  Distribution  sales and distribution for piano and many other independent labels
Warsaw Autumn Art  Polish music festival
White Cube  gallery site with good archive etc
The Wire  a jazz magazine about pop music
Worldwide Internet Music Resource  index of sites relating to music, musicians, articles, etc, hosted by Indiana University School of Music