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Links to technical and resource sites:

Acoustic analysis:
Atari ST:
Atari ST tech info:
Audio Technica  transducers

Big Briar  Moog synth site
Website Tools

Columbia Music Center  origins of computer music
Connector info:

Drawmer:  domain name registration
Eclipse TD  loudspeakers and amplifiers
Electronic Musical Instruments  Links page to information and pictures of mostly obscure 20th century musical instruments

Tetsuo Kogawa  work with radio transmitters

Larking Audio:   new and secondhand studio equipment

Micro Anvika: computer shop
Minidisc Community Page  Contact and info database for minidisc format

Newlands Scientific:  transducer technology

Optigan  the 1970 toy keyboard

Paul Gillieron Acoustic Design: acoustics consultancy

SSEYO   Generative Music composition program
Steim  Amsterdam's research institute for the development of audio and performance technology
Joerg Stelkens  software designer and curator of T-U-B-E, Munich

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