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David Cunningham


'The Listening Room' gallery installation Chisenhale Gallery, London 1994
'Listening to the Architecture' installation, Clerkenwell Magistrates Court, London 2003
'Lift Corridor', Ikon offsite project, Birmingham 2003
'The Listening Room' installation, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham 2003

'Interior' site specific installation, Kanazawa 2004
'The Listening Room' installation, Camden Arts Centre, London 2005
'A piano in a gallery' installation, Carter Presents, London 2006
'The Listening Room' installation, Laure Genillard, London 2015
'Sustain Your Errors' - Vision Building, Dundee 2018
EXHIBITIONS AND INSTALLATIONS (group and collaboration):
Audio Arts 'Live to Air'  Tate Gallery London 1981
environment soundtrack  Boilerhouse, V&A Museum, London 1983
video installation  Riverside Studios, London 1986
environment soundtrack  (with Yasuaki Shimizu) Tokyo 1990
'this moment'  ICA Biennial 1992
environment soundtrack  Wellcome Trust, London 1993
untitled gallery installation  Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London 1994
'The Listener' gallery installation Mall Gallery, London 1996
installation within 'Disorders', curated by Beaconsfield at St Thomas' Hospital, London 1996
'Open Square' installation  City Hall Square Copenhagen 1997
'The Listening Room' installation Biennale of Sydney 1998
'Root'  (with Thurston Moore) Chisenhale Gallery, London 1998
'Resolute' Platform Gallery, London 1999
'Bang', curated by Katherine Meynell, Standpoint London 2000
'A Casa Di...', (with Martin Creed) Cittadellarte, Biella Italy 2000
'Sharing a Shadow' Three Colt Street, London 2001

Martin Creed: 'Work No. 211  A Collaboration with David Cunningham' - Frieze London 2001
'Transience', Kiasma, Helsinki 2001
'The Listening Room' installation, The Connecting Principle,  University of Newcastle 2002
'A position between two curves' Days Like These, The Tate Triennial of Contemporary British Art, London 2003
'Where a straight line meets a curve' (with Karen Mirza and Brad Butler), Lux Open, London 2003
'Speech Radio' Radioartmobile, Venice Biennale
'Sounding spaces' installation, ICC Gallery, Tokyo 2003

'Exterior' site specific installation, AA School of Architecture, London 2005
'Four silent films' LCC, London 2007
'alphabet', London 2007
'Instructions for Films', London 2007
'The Listening Room' installation, L'Exposition Continue, 1m3 Lausanne 2008
'The Museum of Non Participation',, London 2009
'A lot of pianos...', Markson Pianos, London 2010
'Unrealised Projects', MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, London 2011
'Ventajas de viajar en tren', Parra-Romero, Madrid 2011
'La Radio Siamo Noi', Geneva 2012
'Gefährdung im Paradies', Palmengarten Frankfurt 2012
'Marrakech Press', Espace d'art Contemporain, Porrentruy Switzerland 2013
'Nuit Sonore' Radioartemobile/France Culture, Paris 2013

'Am Nuden Da' (with Pascale Berthier and Cerith Wyn Evans) 2014

'Waywords of Seeing' Le Plateau, Paris 2014
'Dyad' (with Rie Nakajima), Roomartspace, London 2014
'A Foreign Encounter' Galerie FOE 156, München 2015
'Contact' London 2016
'One Minute' Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam 2017

(see here)

'Interlace'  dir. Stephen Partridge - Partridge/Cunningham 1974
'Soundtapes'  dir. Stephen Partridge - Partridge/Cunningham 1982

'Ghost Dance'(with Jamie Muir and Michael Giles) dir. Ken McMullen  - Channel 4/ZDF 1983
'Blue Dance' (with Muir and Giles) dir. Jane Thorburn  - After Image/Channel 4 1983
'Being and Doing'  dir. Ken McMullen, Stuart Brisley - Arts Council 1984
'Just What Is It'  dir. Geoff Dunlop - Arts Council/Channel 4 1984
'Dance on Four'  dir. Geoff Dunlop  - lluminations/Channel 4 1984
six works for television  John Latham - Annalogue/Channel 4 1984
'Five Closedowns'  David Cunningham - Annalogue/Channel 4 1984
'Tumbled Frame'  Rose Garrard - Annalogue/Channel 4 1984
'Barricades'  dir. Geoff Dunlop  - Thames Television 1985
'Bliss'  dir. Janet Street Porter  - Border Television 1985
'Zina'  dir. Ken McMullen  - TSI/Channel 4 1985
'Alter Image' series 2 incidental music  dir. Jane Thorburn - After Image/Channel 4 1985
'Holy Cross' (with Peter Gordon) dir. Kit Fitzgerald - WGBH 1985
'Alter Image' series 3 incidental music dir. Jane Thorburn  - After Image/Channel 4 1986
'Terminus'  dir. Pierre William Glenn - CAT Productions 1987
'Brute!'  dir. Malcolm Bennett - After Image/Network 7/Channel 4 1988
'Great Writers - Kafka'  dir. David Thomas - LWT 1988
'Sentences'  dir. Stephen Partridge - Partridge/Cunningham 1988
'The Late Show' incidental music dir. Alex Graham  - BBC2 1989
'Fragile Earth'  dir. Ashley Bruce - Central Television 1990
'The Sounds of These Words'  dir. Stephen Partridge - Fields and Frames/C4 1990
'Mackintosh 2'  dir. Bruce McLean - Fields and Frames/C4 1990
'The Dazzling Image'  dir. Jane Thorburn - After Image/Arts Council/Channel 4 1990
'this moment'  dir. David Cunningham - Arts Council/BBC 2 1991
'Naked Making Lunch'  dir. Chris Rodley - Lucida/LWT 1992
'There we are John - Derek Jarman'  dir. Ken McMullen - British Council 1993
'Carlton Autumn Launch'  dir. Dean Stockton - Carlton TV 1993
'MTV Interventions'  dir. David Hall - Annalogue/MTV 1994
'Turner Prize 1994'  dir. Chris Rodley
- Illuminations/Channel 4 1994
'Lucky Man- Lindsay Anderson'  dir. Ken McMullen - British Council 1995
'Island Race'
- William Raban - Bow Visions 1996
- William Raban - Bow Visions 1997
'This is Modern Art' incidental music dir. Chris Rodley  - Oxford TV 1999
- William Raban - Bow Visions 2000
'Orientations: Chris Doyle'  dir. Rick Farquharson - Pagan/AFFC 2000
'Variety'  dir. Ian Breakwell - BFI 2001
- William Raban - Bow Visions 2002
'Where a straight line meets a curve' dir. Karen Mirza and Brad Butler 2003
'Civil Disobedience' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2004
'Continental Drift' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2005
'The Space Between' dir. Karen Mirza and Brad Butler 2005
'The Exception and the Rule'
dir. Karen Mirza and Brad Butler 2009
'About Now MMX' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2010
'The Houseless Shadow' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2012
'όχι An Act Of Resistance'  dir. Ken McMullen - Scape UK 2014
'72-82' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2012
'Available Light' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2016
'London Republic' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2016
'Performance Magazine' dir. Hugo Glendinning and Alex Eisenberg LADA 2017
'Canta' Ian Spink Group/Second Stride 1981/2
'War Crimes' dir. Tim Albery/Ian Spink - ICA London 1981
'Performing Clothes' Michele Clapton - ICA London 1983
'Crickets' Mantis Dance Company choreographed by Micha Bergese 1983
'Hearts Desire' choreographed by Patti Powell, London 1984
'Freedom of Information' Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane Company, USA 1984
'Faust' Mantis Dance Company choreographed by Micha Bergese 1986
'Kioku no Gekijyo' (with Yasuaki Shimizu) choreographed by Goro Namerikawa, Tokyo 1990
'Freedom of Information' London Contemporary Dance Theatre 1991/2
'Futures' Ken McMullen - NFT, London 1993
'Oedipus' Ken McMullen - Cochrane Theatre, London 1993
'Charlotte at 5am' Tiina Huczkowski - Helsinki 1997
'Life's a Monkey' Ken McMullen - Cochrane Theatre, London 2002

'Quinze Bailarinos E Tempo Incerto' João Penalva and Rui Lopes Graça - Companhia Nacional de Bailado, Lisboa 2016
'Annette Adele e Lee' João Penalva and Rui Lopes Graça - Companhia Nacional de Bailado, Lisboa 2019

'Act of God'  dir. Peter Greenaway  - Thames Television 1981
'The Draughtsman's Contract'  dir. Peter Greenaway  -BFI/Channel 4 1982
'The Cold Room'  dir. James Dearden  - HBO 1983
'Nelly's Version'  dir. Maurice Hatton  - Channel 4 1983
'The Kiss'  by Paul Richards and Michael Nyman -Annalogue/Channel 4 1984
'Making a Splash'  dir. Peter Greenaway  - Media Software/Channel 4 1984
'A Zed and Two Noughts'  dir. Peter Greenaway  - BFI/Allarts 1985
'I'll Stake My Cremona to a Jew's Trump' dir. Sara Jolly  - Practical Pictures 1985
'The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat' dir. Chris Rawlence  - ICATV/Channel 4 1987
'Drowning by Numbers'  dir. Peter Greenaway  - Allarts/Channel 4 1988
'Monsieur Hire'  dir. Patrice Laconte  - Hachette Première/Cinéa 1989
'Out of the Ruins'  dir. Agnieszka Piotrowska - BBC 1989
'La Sept Suite'  prod. Phillippe Truffault - La Sept 1989
'La Mort de Seine'  dir. Peter Greenaway  - Erato/Allarts 1989
'The Cook the Thief his Wife & her Lover' dir. Peter Greenaway  - Allarts/Erato 1989
'Le Mari de la Coiffeuse'  dir. Patrice Laconte  - Hachette Première/Cinéa 1990
'Men of Steel'  dir. Agnieszka Piotrowska - BBC 1990
'Prospero's Books'  dir. Peter Greenaway  - Allarts/NHK 1991
'Misfit'  dir. Sam Taylor Wood - Arts Council/BBC 2 1997
'Angel'  dir. Mark Wallinger - Arts Council/BBC 2 1997
'Beating the Bridges' - William Raban  - Bow Visions/Carlton TV 1998
'Tunnel' - Thomas Demand 1999
'Non Places' dir. Karen Mirza and Brad Butler 1999
'Sick Film' - Martin Creed - Hauser and Wirth 2006
'Pacific Sun' - Thomas Demand 2012
'Time And The Wave' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2013
'Estate, a Reverie' - dir. Andrea Zimmerman - Fugitive Images 2014
'Lost And Found' - Susan Hiller 2016
'Laki Haze' - William Raban - Bow Visions 2019
Riverside Studios, London 1981
Riverside Studios, (with Michael Nyman) London 1981

B2 Wapping, London
(with The Flying Lizards) 1982
Almeida Theatre (with John Cage) 1983
San Francisco Art Institute 1983
Centre de Culture, Grenoble (with Peter Gordon) 1983
ICA London (with Peter Gordon) 1983
Womad Festival, ICA London (with Peter Gordon) 1984
Riverside Studios, London (with The Flying Lizards) 1985
ICA London (with Kathy Acker) 1987
Brixton Academy, London
(with The Flying Lizards) 1987
Nakagawa Warehouse Tokyo (with Yasuaki Shimizu and Goro Namerikawa) 1990
Posthof, Linz (with John Greaves) 1992
Passage du Nord Ouest, Paris (with John Greaves) 1993
Bath Pavilion (with Michael Giles) 1996
Beaconsfield, London (with Panasonic) 1996
Albany, London (with 'Accidents and Emergencies) 1997
Strike, London
(with Mieko Shimizu) 1999
Sprawl, London
(with Mieko Shimizu) 1999
Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy 2000
Performer Festival, Oslo (with Scanner) 2001
Ocean, London (with Scanner), 2002
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 2002
Tate Britain, London, 2003
ICC Tokyo, 2003
Kunstverein, Düsseldorf, 2004
Korinbo Harbor, Kanazawa 2004
CAY, Tokyo 2004
Filmlab, London 2004
Super Delux (with Yasuaki Shimizu)
Tokyo, 2004
Artfair, Basel, 2005
Middlesborough Music Festival, 2005
Supersonic, Birmingham, 2005
Sound Track (with Karen Mirza and Brad Butler), London 2005
Beaconsfield (with Karen Mirza and Brad Butler), London 2005
NOG Gallery, London 2005
G5, Zürich 2006
Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte, Torino 2006
Conjunction, Stoke-on-Trent 2006
Mister Motley Amsterdam 2006
Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, London 2007
Sonic Recycler, Brentford 2007
ICA London 2008
Le Bourg, Lausanne 2008
Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin 2008
Art:Concept, Paris 2009
Courtisane Festival, Gent 2010
Modern Art Oxford 2010
Berghain, Berlin 2010
Grr Jamming Squeak (a public artwork by Paola Pivi),
Rotterdam 2011
Lolo Stereo (with Peter and Max Gordon), London 2011
Slade School of Fine Art (with Rie Nakajima), London 2011
Silents (with Lina Lapelyte) - Viewing and Listening Space, Royal College of Art, London 2012
Dalston Victoria, London 2012
Palmengarten Frankfurt 2012
Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh 2012
(with Rie Nakajima), Köln 2012
Approximation Festival
(with Rie Nakajima), Düsseldorf 2013
Kunsthalle, Bern 2014
Café Oto (with This Is Not This Heat), London 2016
Café Oto (with Peter Gordon), London 2017
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (with Rie Nakajima), 2018
Café Oto (with O Yama O), London 2018
BBC Late Junction Festival
(with O Yama O), London 2019
Café Oto (with General Strike), London 2019

London College of Printing 1979 (part-time lecturer, Film and Television BA)
ICA London 1979 (public lecture)
San Francisco Art Institute 1983 (visiting lecturer, Film School MA)
Middlesex Polytechnic 1983 (visiting lecturer, Fine Art)
Derbyshire College of Higher Education 1986 (visiting lecturer, Fine Art BA)
Maidstone College of Art 1983, 1987-96 (part-time lecturer, Fine Art BA, Time Based Media BA, MA)
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art 1988,1991-93  (visiting lecturer, Fine Art BA, Electronic Imaging, postgraduate diploma and MSc)
Slade School of Fine Art 1990/91 (visiting lecturer, Fine Art postgraduate diploma, MA)
University of Lincolnshire and Humberside 1991 (visiting lecturer, Fine Art BA)
University of East London 1992/3 (visiting lecturer, Fine Art BA)
Middlesex University 1992-2001 (part-time lecturer, Fine Art BA, MA)
University of Wales 1996 (visiting lecturer, Fine Art BA, MA)
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art 1995-98 (external examiner, Fine Art BA)
Royal College of Art 1996-2000 (visiting lecturer, Photography, Film and Television, Communications, MA)
University of Sydney 1998 (visiting lecturer, Fine Art BA, MA)
University of Lincolnshire and Humberside 1999 (external validator, Fine Art, BA)
London College of Printing 1998-2001 (visiting lecturer, Film and Television, BA)
University of Newcastle 2001 (visiting lecture, Fine Art BA, MA)
University of Newcastle 2002- 2005 (AHRB Research Fellow)
Middlesex University 2005 (visiting lecture, Sonic Art)
London College of Printing 1998-2001 (visiting lecturer, Film and Television, BA)
London College of Communication 2004-2006 (external examiner, Sonic Art BA and PostGrad)
Middlesex University 2006 (visiting lecturer, Sonic Arts)
University of the Arts London, London College of Communication 2006-2008 (Senior Research Fellow)
Middlesex University 2007 (visiting lecturer, Sonic Arts)
Slade School of Fine Art, UCL 2007-2009 (external examiner, MA, MFA)
Middlesex University 2008 (visiting lecturer, Sonic Arts)

University of the Arts London, London College of Communication 2008- (visiting lecturer, PhD Supervision)
University of Dundee, 2008-2010 (hon. professor)
Royal College of Art, London 2011-12 (visiting professor)
Städelschule Frankfurt 2012
(visiting lecture)
Düsseldorf 2013 (visiting lecture)

'Philip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts' - Musics magazine London 1976
'Studio International reviewed' - Musics magazine London 1977
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various reviews - Time Out London 1979
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'Noise Water Meat' - Art Monthly London  2000
'Sonic Boom' - Art Monthly London  2000

contributions to:
'Understanding Music' ed. Judy Tatchell - Usbourne Publishing London 1990
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David Cunningham interviewed by Neil Mason – Electronic Sound issue 27 2017
'Mutations' by Sam McPheeters - Rare Bird Books USA ISBN 9781947856981  2020

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