David Cunningham
David Cunningham - Installations

The Listening Room, Laure Genillard, London  February - April 2015

The Listening Room, 1m3, L'Exposition Continue, Lausanne October - November 2008

A piano in a gallery, Carter Presents, London July - August 2006

The Listening Room, Camden Arts Centre  June - July 2005

Exterior, Architectural Association, London  April - May 2005

Interior, Kanazawa  October 2004

The Listening Room, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham  September - November 2003

Listening to the Architecture, Clerkenwell Magistrates' Court, London  August 2003

The Listening Room and Stairwell (untitled), ICC, Tokyo  July - September 2003 (English Japanese)

Where a straight line meets a curve (with Karen Mirza and Brad Butler) March 2003
A position between two curves, Tate Britain, London  February - May 2003

The Listening Room, The Connecting Principle, Newcastle  October 2002

Listening to the Architecture, Helsinki  February 2001

The Listening Room, Biennale of Sydney  September - November 1998

Open Square, Copenhagen  June 1997

The Listening Room, Chisenhale Gallery, London  September 1994


video documentation  

... I divide my experience of the condition of music up into these rough categories: there is music that is currently possible to package and sell as a recording, as a commodity, a variable which is contingent on fashion; and the other music is what happens when you walk down the street and hear cars screeching, children playing, things that are part of the dynamic of a situation, which goes beyond the sonic in its organisational structure, which you can't record and sell but you might try and record it for your own pleasure - you maybe enjoy it but it's something that is there all the time. I was hoping to make something of that experience. I remember coming from a orchestra rehearsal and witnessing a car crash. Having had my ears opened by the orchestra I was witness to an intensely musical experience of metal on metal and little bits rattling on the road surface. It taught me that I should be listening a bit more to all those collisions of noises that we all live with...