David Cunningham
Sound and Vision Yukio Fujimoto and David Cunningham  curated by Jonathan Watkins  

The Listening Room

Laure Genillard
2 Hanway Place
London  W1T 1HB

21 February - 11 April 2015

open Wednesday-Saturday 1-6pm

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The Listening Room offers an acoustic articulation of the space.  The acoustic characteristics of a space fall outside the concerns of most western music which is spatially non-specific, often addressed to an idealised space with any concept of the actual space actively repressed.

In a given space the system of amplification will produce pitches defined by the acoustic properties of the space, most pitches at the frequencies of any standing waves between parallel surfaces or harmonics of these frequencies.  This is modulated by the presence of the spectator, integrating the object of the work with its subject.  This interaction happens in two ways:
1 - The physical presence of individual(s) modulates the pitches in the space by disrupting room reflections.
2 - Any noise made within the space is picked up by the microphone and amplified through the system.

These factors are dependent on the overall scale of the installation, both the size of the space and the volume at which it is operating.  This work is part of a continuing exploration of what happens when the sound of a space is magnified and, by doing this, exposes usually unconsidered aspects of the nature of hearing - how, to a very precise degree, we are subconsciously constantly aware of our immediate acoustic environment.  The formal, physical and technological installation framework is essentially the location of the experience.

Curator Jonathan Watkins has written about this exhibition here, links to more about Yukio Fujimoto here.

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installation notebook

aerial view