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'It is impossible to consider sound apart from the space in which it is heard.'(1)

This website documents Activated Space, David Cunningham's project to develop and present a series of installations that alter an architectural space in real time to allow its resonant frequencies to become audible and interactive.  The project combines elements from sculpture, electronic media, music, architecture and acoustics.

One purpose of the website is to allow the process of the work to be transparent, to demysify the mythologies and metaphors that accumulate during the creation of these installations.

The work addresses the following issues:

How can active listening be encouraged?
How does our awareness of acoustic surroundings influence our perceptions?
What happens if you magnify the sound of a room?

Why is the role of sound increasingly coming to the fore within the Fine Arts?
How does technological change cause perceptual shifts which generate new potentials for awareness both inside an art/music context and generally?

(1) Minoru Hatanaka - Sounding Spaces, ICC Gallery, Tokyo 2003 ISBN4-7571-7022-X

The AHRB (now AHRC) Fellowship period of this work is summarised on this link
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