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LP cover image

Functional Action Parts 2&3 - Tony Sinden

(vinyl release 1980, deleted)

side one:
Functional Action Part 2, Swing Guitars

side two:
Functional Action Part 3, Drift Guitars

performed by Tony Sinden and Gilbert Patrick,
June 1977
produced by David Cunningham

The Functional Action pieces are a series of mixed-media works by the artist Tony Sinden.  Whilst other parts of this series are in film and video, both Swing Guitars and Drift Guitars evolve themselves in sound.

'In a sense both pieces are what you hear and nothing more, their duration was determined by the actual event of performing them, flaws and mistakes are relative to their audible shape and experience, both are indicative of my ideas at this time.'

Tony Sinden 1980
Cover image from a film installation by Tony Sinden at the Hayward Gallery, London 1979.

cover image

Magnificent Cactus Trees Cast Shadows - Tony Sinden

(vinyl release 7in 45, 1979, deleted)

side one:
Magnificent Cactus Trees...

side two:
...Cast Shadows

performed by Tony Sinden and Alan Baker,
August 1977
produced by David Cunningham