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David Cunningham:

David Cunningham
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The Listening Room
5 Closedowns
A short history of the tape delay

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CD Catalogue

piano 501   the secret dub life of the flying lizards
The Flying Lizards discography

piano 502   ghost dance -michael giles, jamie muir, david cunningham
notes on 'Ghost Dance' the film
notes on the collaboration - David Cunningham
an interview with Jamie Muir
response to DVD queries

piano 503   danger in paradise -general strike -david toop, steve beresford
notes on the music - Richard Cook

piano 504   the yellow box -peter gordon, david cunningham
notes on the collaboration - Peter Gordon
notes on the collaboration - David Cunningham

piano 505   voiceworks -david cunningham
additional information
track by track information - loops and treatments

piano 506   greaves,cunningham -john greaves, david cunningham
track by track information

piano 507   ext.night -david cunningham
location discography

piano 508  nothing - owada
CD information

piano 509  artificial homeland -angela jaeger and david cunningham

piano 510  water -david cunningham
track by track information
further notes on the music

piano 511   this is a sentence -stephen partridge and david cunningham
additional information
notes on the CD-ROM - A.L.Rees
notes on the collaboration - David Cunningham
click-thru guide to the CD-ROM
a story

piano 200   rude mechanic -pan sonic /hayley newman /david crawforth
package information

staubgold 91 One Hundred - Yasuaki Shimizu & David Cunningham

Artist Information and Discographies:

Steve Beresford
Michael Giles
Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon discography
John Greaves
John Greaves discography
Angela Jaeger
Jamie Muir
David Toop
The Flying Lizards discography

Michael Upton

Audio Files:
piano 501.mp3
piano 502.mp3
piano 503.mp3
piano 504.mp3
piano 505.mp3
piano 507.mp3
piano 508.mp3
piano 509.mp3
piano 510.mp3
piano 511.mp3