origins  david cunningham

Installation principles:

The sound should refer to the space that produces it.

An absolute principle of this body of work is that the visible space must be the same as the acoustic space which the work will explore.  Eye and ear and brain.  And on a human scale. 

What the work has to achieve is to shift the focus of the viewer towards the soundscape without imposition - whether through volume or other factors - that's why I use 'empty' spaces.

A related factor - bypassing the primacy of the visual.  Objects within the space make my subtle efforts invisible in the sense that although the work is still audible the focus of the viewer is distracted.

There is no metaphor within the work.

Doors should always be open, or opened for you.

All sound should be based on real-time activity.  Elsewhere is a music industry devoted to replay, to the iconification and  fossilizing of the recorded moment, mostly responding to purely financial imperatives.

Don't attempt to improve a singularity.