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 piano 200

200 cover image   rude mechanic -pan sonic/hayley newman/david crawforth

production problems with the package - a note and an apology:

rude mechanic employs a non-standard card double CD package designed by Damian Jaques and printed by Bayliss Printing.  The protype of this package worked very well but we didn't realise until some time after the limited edition had gone out that there is a problem of CDs sticking inside the sleeve - apologies for any difficulties.

Some copies have a problem with the glue inside the card flaps.  Under certain conditions of heat and humidity the glue destabilises and spreads inside the package.  This can make it very difficult to remove the CDs.

The CDs are not harmed by this - to get them out don't pull hard but move the CD from side to side and eventually it should come free.  In extreme cases open the inner sleeve flat and separate the CD from the card by pushing from the inside of the package.  If there is a residue of glue on the CD this will rub off by hand - don't use solvents to remove it.  Wipe the CD clean and it will play normally.

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