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502 CD cover image piano 502
ghost dance -michael giles, jamie muir, david cunningham

Ghost Dance DVD/video
A DVD release of Ken McMullen's film has now been released. - see Ghost Dance DVD

CD copies of Ghost Dance with the catalogue number CJFCD 026 are an illegal Russian clone and should be avoided. Same with the illegal Mediaservices download version- see BBC news


Rude Mechanic cover image piano 200  (limited edition - sold out)
rude mechanic -pan sonic /hayley newman /david crawforth

how to deal with difficulties getting the CDs out of the package

CD-ROM draft cover image piano 511
this is a sentence CDROM -stephen partridge and david cunningham

Please note - this CD-ROM will not work with Mac OS X

CDROM System requirements:
Apple Macintosh: PowerMac 7100 with 32 megabytes ram, OS 7.5 - OS 9
PC: Pentium 160 with 32 megabytes ram, Windows 95 or later

If you get stuck and can't figure out where to click next on this CDROM have a look at:
A click-thru guide to the CDROM


510 CD cover image by Gera Urkom piano 510
water -david cunningham

Still unavailable - production problems continue to delay this re-release.

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