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Where a straight line meets a curve - technology

The particular circumstance of 'Where a straight line meets a curve' was that all the film was shot in one room.  During the filming Karen and Brad initiated a process of recording and replaying sound through the space as an attempt to further explore the physical, filmed and recorded space.  Revisions of the spoken and textual content during the construction of the film/installation led me to appropriate this technique and use it in an attempt to bind the the spoken content to the visible space.

The multiplication of room resonances in this work was developed through computer modelling of room acoustics, mostly using ProTools, techniques initially  developed for exploring and testing my installation work.  In sections of 'Where a straight line meets a curve' the basic model of the spatial acoustic is multiplied many times, allowing the resonant frequencies of the room to articulate the source material - rather like exaggerating the sound of the space so much that it becomes a bell.  The example ProTools page below shows a typical layering of eq and reverb combining to simulate the room acoustic in each channel.

ProTools page
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