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piano -a complete historical discography

david cunningham -grey scale -piano 001, 1976 (deleted)
the flying lizards -summertime blues -virgin VS230, 1978 (deleted)
the flying lizards -money -virgin VS276, 1979 (deleted)
this heat -this heat -piano THIS-1, 1979 (CD re-release by these records, heat 1 CD)
the flying lizards -the flying lizards -virgin V2150, 1980 (CD release VJCP 17501 toshiba-EMI)
tony sinden -functional action parts 2 and 3 -piano 002, 1980
steve beresford -the bath of surprise -piano 003, 1980  (CD re-release Amoebic AMO-VA-03)
tony sinden -magnificent cactus trees... -piano SING001, 1980
this heat -health and efficiency -piano/rough trade THIS-1201, 1980
the flying lizards -fourth wall -virgin V2190, 1981 (CD release VJCP 17502 toshiba-EMI)
michael nyman -michael nyman -piano sheet 1, 1982 (deleted)
michael nyman -the draughtsman's contract -charisma 1982
the flying lizards -top ten -statik LP20, 1984 (deleted)
general strike -david toop, steve beresford -danger in paradise -touch 1984 (re-released as piano 503, 1996)
david cunningham, john greaves -greaves, cunningham -eva WWCX 2030, 1991 (re-released as piano 506, 1996)
david cunningham -voiceworks -eva WWCX 2041, 1992 (re-released as piano 505, 1996)
the flying lizards -the secret dub life of the flying lizards -piano 501, 1996
michael giles, jamie muir, david cunningham -ghost dance -piano 502, 1996
peter gordon, david cunningham -the yellow box -piano 504, 1996
david cunningham -ext.night -piano 507, 1997
owada -nothing -piano 508, 1997
angela jaeger/david cunningham -artificial homeland -piano 509, 1998
pan sonic/hayley newman/david crawforth -rude mechanic -piano 200, 1999 (limited edition)
david cunningham -water -piano 510 (awaiting re-release)
stephen partridge, david cunningham -this is a sentence -piano 511, 2001

all labels and catalogue numbers refer to the original release
deleted releases have been included
CDs with a piano 500 series catalogue number are available through Voiceprint in UK -see main catalogue for details

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