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David Cunningham
downloads - a selection from performances   David Cunningham, electric guitar, footpedals and laptop

In these recordings David Cunningham plays guitar into a computer which provides a series of delays of between 3 and 26 seconds.
This allows permutations of the notes played to recycle infinitely, overlapping in different rhythms.  All the music is originated live in the time of the performance, nothing is prerecorded.

recorded from mixing desks, cameras, phones and allsorts in a collection of locations - clubs, cafés, art galleries, restaurants, foyers, concert halls and the
basement of a bookshop.

Berlin extract 4 December 2008
click here for video extract

Brentford, 2nd part of performance 5 May 2007

Nog, London, extract 10 December 2005
(including apparently random in-
camera edits from the video source)

Basel, extract 15 June 2005

Aoyama, Tokyo, extract 20 October 2004

Korinbo Café, Kanazawa 11 October 2004

photo © Kyoko Arai
photo ©  Kyoko Arai

ICC foyer, Tokyo 13 July 2003 

Ikon, Birmingham, extract 14 November 2002


    recordings published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License