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featured releases:

CD cover image One Hundred - Yasuaki Shimizu and David Cunningham

released on Staubgold
february 2009

CD cover image
audio extract

CD and download released on the Staubgold label, One Hundred captures the highlights of Yasuaki Shimizu and David Cunningham's one-off concert at Super Deluxe in Roppongi, Tokyo, an unmissable, unrepeatable performance.

501 image the secret dub life of the flying lizards

CD cover image
audio extract from 'preface'

Recorded at the same time as The Flying Lizards' hit "Money" this is producer David Cunningham's parallel project.  The source tapes for this CD were recorded in Jamaica by Jah Lloyd (Patrick Francis) as part of a series he made for Virgin Records' Front Line label.  The original tapes were not released and were offered to David Cunningham by Front Line's Jumbo Vanrennen with the suggestion that he should 'remix' the music. He accepted the project, expecting lots of time in one of Virgin's studios to play with the music and the equipment, only to be presented with a mono master tape to 'remix'.

What followed was the invention of radical techniques of editing, looping, filtering and subtraction to deal with unremixable mono material (these were the days before samplers).  Dub goes to outer space.  


The Piano label was started in 1976 by record producer David Cunningham, based around what was then considered hybrid and minority music. Out of the early years came the first album by This Heat, two albums by Michael Nyman (including Nyman's music for Peter Greenaway's film The Draughtsman's Contract) and the music of Cunningham's loose grouping The Flying Lizards. The label continues to release Cunningham's back catalogue and new material and to introduce new work.