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piano 504

CD cover image the yellow box  -peter gordon, david cunningham

CD cover image fragment
audio preview
'out in the yard'

performed by:
peter gordon: saxophones, piano, keyboards, percussion and guitar
david cunningham: guitars, tape treatments, prepared piano, percussion and keyboards

john greaves: bass guitar (3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17)
anton fier: drums (3, 5, 10, 12, 13, 16)
david van tieghem: percussion triggers (17)

yellow box 1   track listing:

1 unlooped 1.15
2 god 4.14
3 russians 2.47
4 provenance 4.22
5 eighth 1.10
6 out in the yard 2.21
7 from the yard 2.06
8 are you a fish? 1.50
9 citizen 2.46
10 sixth 1.36
11 the unpopular statement 4.00
12 the little one 0.55
13 potomac 3.35
14 dark river 5.33
15 the non-loop 4.57
16 seventh 0.38
17 austria 3.01
recorded in london and geneva 1981/3

yellow box 4 studios:

mobile. london, engineered by tom newman
alvic, london, engineered by john madden
aquarius, geneva, engineered by peter gordon and david cunningham
the cold room, london, engineered by david cunningham

yellow box 2
  the yellow box image was made by kit fitzgerald

the voices (in order of appearance):
unidentified german
unidentified russians
peter gordon
two unidentified australians
unidentified unpopular american
unidentified american eyewitness
unidentified american woman
david cunningham

yellow box 6
the parallel commentaries:
peter gordon
david cunningham

all titles composed by peter gordon and david cunningham with the exception of:
9, composed by peter gordon
3, 5, 10 and 16 composed by gordon, cunningham, fier and greaves
8 and 17 composed by gordon, cunningham and greaves
peter laurence gordon published by lolo music (BMI)
john greaves and david cunningham published by lolo music (BMI) for north america
anton fier published by almost loaded music (BMI)

yellow box 7 produced by david cunningham and peter gordon

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