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CD cover image voiceworks -david cunningham

CD cover image
 audio extract
''masks and voices'

phonetic transcription

notes on voiceworks
loops, treatments and musicology
david cunningham -discography
david cunningham -information

composed and produced by david cunningham
performed by david cunningham with the help of many other voices:
susan belling gave voice to resolution and true air on the 7th april 1992
invisible was created from the voice of a bass guitar played by john greaves
other voices contributed by archiv collective

track listing:

masks and voices
siren sign 1.47
engine shadow 2.54
magic words 2.00
at one remove 1.34
engine definite 2.18
not speech 0.48
masks and voices 2.33

mass 7.01
canta 8.17
10 collective 3.51

four songs
11 resolution 2.01
12 black air tower 2.13
13 belgrano 2.38
14 true air 2.03

two solos
15 idiolect 1.59
16 invisible 4.10

recorded in the cold room, london
engineer david cunningham
additional recording at acousti, paris
engineer alain cluzeau with reine bensaid and stephane hervé
further treatments and mixing in the cold room
post production noel summerville and richard dowling at tm, london

CD cover images by stephen partridge extracted from the videotape 'the sounds of these words' from 'television interventions' © 1990 fields and frames productions
stephen partridge CD-ROM info

this CD was first released in 1992 on the eva label, catalogue no. WWCX 2041

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© david cunningham 1996