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CD cover image   nothing - owada

martin creed (guitar, voice) keiko owada (bass, voice) adam mcewen (drums)

martin creed keiko owada adam mcewen

owada are a three-piece band featuring 2001 Turner prize winner Martin Creed.
nothing, owada's debut album, with 23 tracks representative of their live set, is long on songs and short on shit.

without using too many notes and with hardly any superfluous words, owada break music down and build it up to make funny and straight, sad and happy songs. the album has its low and its high, and through thick and thin, big songs and small, it takes the rough with the smooth heavy-handedly and with a lightness of touch.

owada are hot and they're cold. they blow and they suck. owada are nothing.

go into a shop and ask for nothing

nothing was produced by david cunningham and owada.

owada -sleevenotes
owada - all the words on the CD

Martin Creed's website

CD cover image  
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