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CD cover image water -david cunningham

soundtracks and soundscapes

CD cover image    
audio extract
'short winter's day'

performed by david cunningham with:
peter gordon - saxophone on only shadows
robert fripp - guitar on stars

recorded in london 1981 to 1991

track listing:
1 stars
2 the next day
3once removed
4 the fourth sea
5 white blue and grey
6 shade creek
7 short winter's day
8 blue river
9 beneath the vines
10 yellow river
11 low sun
12 only shadows
13 a liquid hand
14 dark ocean
15 the same day

CD cover image CD cover image by gera urkom
blue segment with in-the-centre brush stroke 1991
from the series: defamiliarization of the apple

the cold room
nova, engineer roland harris
terminal 24, engineer harvey birrel
post production richard dowling at TM

thanks to those directors and producers who commissioned this music:

ashley bruce, geoff dunlop, mark lucas, ken mcmullen, stephen partridge, anna ridley, chris rodley, jane thorburn

produced by david cunningham

writing on water 
5 closedowns

water -track by track breakdown

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© 2000 david cunningham