activated space
 origins  david cunningham

1    make a film about nothing.

2    make a work to be performed in four days time involving a bucket of water and a clock.

3    make a work which uses the letter W in fifteen different ways.

4    do something backwards.

5    make a work based entirely on the last book you read.

6    perform 12 meaningless actions.

7    within the work use two languages that you do not understand.

8    make a film involving at least 10 people who are not aware of the camera.

9    make a film where the camera is in constant motion whilst remaining in one small room.

10    make a work which involves 2 tins of red paint.

11    make a film where the focus of attention is on the background.

12    make a work based on today's newspaper.

13    go for a long walk somewhere you've never been before, document.

14    the title of the work is 'Hotel Room in Falkirk', all characters are mythological.

15    make a work based entirely on the existence of six bicycles.

16    make a film where all parts of the screen image are given the same value.