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piano 506

CD cover image by Lisa Schiavon greaves,cunningham - john greaves, david cunningham

the greaves,cunningham track by track commentary
the mysterious text
john greaves -discography
david cunningham -discography

track listing:

1  the mirage
2  the magical building
3  the other friend
4  one summer
5  the emerald isle
6  the other world
7  the frost
8  the inside
9  the red sand
10 the fine friends
11 the open book
12 the same way
13 the map of the mountain

recorded at the cold room 1988 to 1991

john greaves -voices, bass guitar, percussions and keyboards
david cunningham -guitars, treatments, percussions and keyboards

jakko m. jakszyk voices on 4, 5,12
yasuaki shimizu tenor saxophone on 6, 9, clarinet on 9
kristoffer blegvad acoustic guitars on 6

cover image -lisa schiavon
post production -noel summerville and richard dowling at TM, london

thanks to:
masanori akashi, peter blegvad, ashley bruce, alan forster, mark lucas, patti palladin, nelly parent, amikam toren, jon wozencroft

produced by david cunningham

originally released as eva WWCX 2030, 1991

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1996 john greaves, david cunningham