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john greaves discography

see also: john greaves -biography

1973 Henry Cow "Legend" (Virgin)
1974 Henry Cow "Unrest" (Virgin)
1975 Henry Cow/Slapp Happy "Desperate Straights" (Virgin)
1975 Henry Cow "In Praise of learning" (Virgin)
1975 Robert Wyatt "Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard" (Virgin)
1976 Henry Cow "Concerts" (Caroline/Compendium)
1977 John Greaves, Peter Blegvad, Lisa Herman "Kew. Rhône" (Virgin),(1997,Voiceprint) (2004, Chant du Monde)
1979 National Health "Of Queues and Cures" (Charly)
1981 David Thomas & The Pedestrians "Sound of the Sand" (Rough Trade)
1982 National Health "D.S. Al Coda" (Europa)
1982 John Greaves "Accident" (Europa)
1983 Peter Blegvad "The Naked Shakespeare" (Virgin)
1984 The Flying Lizards "Top Ten" -Statik
1984 John Greaves "Parrot Fashions" (Europa)
1985 Peter Blegvad "Knights Like This" (Virgin)
1985 Michael Nyman "The Kiss and Other Movements" (EG)
1987 John Greaves & The Lodge "Smell of A Friend" (Antilles)
1987 Michael Mantler "Live" (Watt/ECM)
1988 Peter Blegvad "Downtime" (ReR)
1990 Benoît Blue Boy "Parlez-vous français ?" (La Lichère)
1991 Sophia Domancich Trio "Funerals" (Gimini Music)
1991 John Greaves & David Cunningham "Greaves, Cunningham" (Eva)
1991 John Greaves "La petite bouteille de linge" (La Lichère)
1992 John Greaves & Peter Blegvad "Dr. Huelsenbecks Mentale Heilmethod" (Rough Trade)
1992 Johan Asherton "The Night Forlorn" (FNAC/AureaMusic)
1993 Link Wray "Rumble! The Best of Link Wray" (Rhino)
1995 John Greaves & Peter Blegvad "Unearthed" (Sub Rosa;2000, Voiceprint)
1995 Soft Heap "A Veritable Centaur" (Impetus)
1995 John Greaves "Tambien 1 - 7" (2005, Resurgence)
1995 John Greaves "Songs" (Resurgence; 2004, Chant du Monde)
1995 Peter Blegvad "Just Woke Up!" (ReR)
1996 Peter Gordon/David Cunningham "The Yellow Box" (Piano)
1997 Michael Mantler "The School of Understanding" (ECM)
1998 Peter Blegvad "Hangman's Hill" (ReR)
1998 Pip Pyle "7 Year Itch" (Voiceprint)
1999 Les Pires "Cave Canem" (Boucherie)
1999 Les Primitifs du Futur "World Musette" (Sketch)
2000 National Health "Playtime" (Cuneiform)
2001 John Greaves & Marcel Ballot "On the street where you live" (Blueprint)
2001 John Greaves "The Caretaker" (Blueprint)
2003 Greaves, Courtois, Domancich "The Trouble with Happiness" (Chant du Monde)
2004 Le Professeur Inlassable "Leçon N° 1" (Ici d'ailleurs)
2004 John Greaves & Elise Caron "Chansons..." (Chant du Monde)
2005 Julien Loureau "Fire" (Label Bleu)
2005 Maman "In and out of life" (Resurgence)

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