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john greaves biography

born : North Wales, 1950

bass player with Ray Irving Orchestra

English Literature Degree at Cambridge

joined Henry Cow with Fred Frith, Tim Hodgkinson

first radio broadcast, BBC, John Peel's "Top Gear"

recordings and concerts throughout Europe with Henry Cow, Robert Wyatt, Mike Oldfield and Link Wray

first of Greaves compositions (Kew. Rhône), recorded at Grog Kill, New York, with Peter Blegvad, Mike Mantler, Carla Bley, Lisa Herman and Andrew Cyrille

tours and albums with National Health (Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart, Phil Miller, Pip Pyle)
Composing for theatre in Britain, free-improvising group with Elton Dean

Solo albums "Accident" and "Parrot Fashions"
Recording and concerts with The Pedestrians (David Thomas, Anton Fier, Richard Thompson), The Penguin Café Orchestra, Peter Gordon, Michael Nyman, Nick Mason and Jack Bruce.

formed The Lodge with Peter Blegvad and Anton Fier in New York, live gigs in N.Y., Paris and London.
Moved to Paris.

concerts with group (François Ovide, Sophia Domancich) and solo in Europe and U.S.
Recordings in London with David Cunningham.
Solo recordings in Paris.
Theatre compositions, Paris and Avignon.

Recordings in London and Paris, and in Lincolnshire with Robert Wyatt.
Concerts in France with (variously) Peter Blegvad, David Cunningham, Lol Coxhill...
Completed Songs album.

Work in Progress : new album of instrumental material, CD ROM of music and texts for children with Caroline Loeb, recording with Peter Blegvad (June 96), opera with Mike Mantler (Copenhagen, August 1996) ...

greaves latest production
John Greaves with latest co-production

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